How to Survive the Budget Small Talk


How to Survive the Budget Small Talk

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


don’t understand the Union budget or care about it particularly, but I’m thankful for it. People have finally stopped asking each other “How’s the josh?” I miss those days when people would watch a movie and get on with their life, or when an FM would announce the budget and only an economist would comment. But today everyone must have an opinion on everything from film to finance.  

“Budget padha kya?” is the new conversation starter and it will help you break the ice with anyone from the Uber driver to your crush. You can make small talk with your maid, milkman, or an office colleague. Because today everyone has an opinion on everything. This is India and it’s never important that we understand something to have an opinion about it. Some kind soul forwards an analysis on the budget on WhatsApp. All you need to do is browse through for two minutes, and it readies you to take on Piyush Goyal or any other budget “experts”.