In the Battle for Bitcoin, Cats Are the Winners


In the Battle for Bitcoin, Cats Are the Winners

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


ryptocurrency was one of the riskiest investments last year and in 2018, the financial world has been speculating wildly. Will Bitcoin hit the $50k mark? Could it really cause an energy crisis? Is this another dotcom bubble? (Hipsters will call it a tulip bubble!) Are Ripple and Ethereum emerging cryptocurrencies or characters from Deadpool 2? What the fuck is mining? Am I going to have to dig for my money in some neoliberal Disney-sponsored dystopia? This is not the context in which I want to hear the phrase “hi ho”.

The cryptobro network is producing endless questions, from the incisive, to the hysterical, to the downright inane, but few concrete answers. Even your friends are talking a big game about cryptos with alarming confidence and annoying regularity.