Comment of the Week: “How Many of You Have Been Disowned by Parents?”


Comment of the Week: “How Many of You Have Been Disowned by Parents?”

Illustration: Sushant Ahire

n the past, commenters have called us out for our supposed selective hiring policy, our closeted-Ed Sheeran fandom and even, our often melancholic disposition. And for good reason, too. If you look around our writers’ room, it’s basically a bunch of merry misfits ranting about losing their creative edge, unresolved emotional baggage, and how nobody gets them.

That in mind, our favourite comment this week comes from Kadambari Srivastava, who posted on “Desi Parent Trap: ‘Abhi Mehnat Kar Lo, You Can Enjoy Later’”. Written by our on-point resident creative and slightly abashed viral sensation, Hardik Rajgor, this was a popular piece that garnered a lot of positive comments from our wonderful readers.

But Kadambari went the extra mile and asked us about our personal lives. Here at Arré, that’s the closest thing most of have got to an actual friend. Apparently, people don’t like to be mercilessly mocked in “Humans of” checklists and articles that broadly stereotype their communities. Kadambari hit the nail on the head when she asked whether we’ve been disowned by our parents and relatives, and the answer is an emphatic “Get out of our heads, Kadambari!”