Arré Checklist: Leaks from Black Mirror’s Upcoming Aadhaar Episode


Arré Checklist: Leaks from Black Mirror’s Upcoming Aadhaar Episode

Illustration: Akshita Monga/Arré

With Black Mirror set to release another highly anticipated new season, one of the show’s writers, Chetan Brooker, has revealed a few easter eggs about the next season that will make every Indian proud. According to the explosive details, the show will dedicate an episode to the dystopian post-Aadhaar future. Sources say the episode is likely to be titled “U(Die)” as a tribute to the UIDAI, which came up with the Aadhaar scheme that we all know and love. Here are a few things we can expect:

Someone accidentally clones Mithun

“There are so many flaws in Aadhaar’s security, it’s literally possible for a semi-intelligent person in the Black Mirror Universe to clone anyone they like,” Chetan writes. “Unfortunately since things rarely ever go right in a dystopian future, they decide to clone – without giving too much away – a certain ‘Disco Dancer’ from the ’80s.”

“This is the point you realise things are going to go bad,” he added.

Famous actors will be involved

Chetan says Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar was roped in to play the UIDAI chief Nandan Nilekani’s role in the upcoming episode. A local magazine reported that the actor was spotted practicing for his part by looking through people’s windows with a pair of binoculars. Apart from that, sources say, Nawazuddin Siddiqui will be roped in to play a petty thief who accidentally accesses biometric data of all India’s cows and elderly people. Excited to see where that goes!

UIDAI was inspired by the script

Two days before they saw the actual episode, the UIDAI realised that the Aadhaar scheme was being portrayed in a bad light, but was unable to file an FIR against Chetan, since he lived abroad. When the UIDAI did finally watch the episode, it realised that it had a lot to learn, and put in a fresh set of rules for existing Aadhaar card holders. This involves actually spitting into a cup during your verification process, and inserting a chip in your brain in case you’re out doing anti-national things.

It’s already banned in almost all of India

While you were reading this article, the Black Mirror episode was banned in eight Indian states. Chetan expects this number to rise, considering the number of people who have trolled him on Twitter. A few people who linked their Aadhaar cards to everything two years before any of this happened, formed a radical outfit and began burning Chetan’s effigies in the streets.

With all this drama, we’re sure the entire country can’t wait until the actual episode releases. Unfortunately you can only watch it once you link your Aadhaar number to Netflix. So get the process started today.