iPhone Launch Today: My Body is Ready


iPhone Launch Today: My Body is Ready

Illustration: Ahmed Sikander


t is that time of the year again, the nerd concert is in town as Apple is set to announce new phones, new accessories, and software updates. As an Apple Bhakt, I am ready. I am ready to wait in queues for hours, blow up half my salary for the down payment, pay EMIs, and trade my body parts if I have to. I have been in a relationship with Apple over a decade and this is just the next chapter in our journey.

When Apple first announced the iPod, I personally went to the Sony store and told them to go fuck themselves and their stupid Walkman. There was a new king in town and I had pledged my allegiance to it. I bought every iPod even though they all sounded the same. Along with the player, they shipped such amazing quality earphones that I had to buy a new pair every month.