Anu Malik Steals #MeToo Apology from International Songwriters


Anu Malik Steals #MeToo Apology from International Songwriters

Illustration: Arati Gujar

Hours after losing his plum position as the creepiest judge on Indian Idol, singer/songwriter Anu Malik released an apology song for the women who have accused him of sexual harassment today. Despite insisting it was a completely original composition, fans were quick to point out that the lyrics were stolen from popular international apology songs, including Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Elton John’s “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”.

“The title of the video is literally ‘Is it too late now to say sorry?’ Stealing the Macarena twice in one year is okay, but stealing sorries from Justin Bieber, that’s just depressing,” a 13-year-old tweeted, tagging all his friends.

Listeners pointed out that the hook of the song, in which Malik croons, “It wasn’t me… All apology,” not only did not make sense, but are also titles of two different songs, by Shaggy and Nirvana.

Malik’s video features a lost Katrina Kaif playing a grand piano in a half saree, and three dancers holding their ears and squatting in the background. At one point, during a dubstep break, when a ’90s rapper is yelling “Yo… Party… Sorry,” Malik stands in the corner as if he has been punished.

When asked if he was stealing music again, Anu Malik feigned surprised. “I’m the most original composer in the world. Have you heard anything like ‘chan-na-chan-chan-na-na-na, chan-na-chan-chan-na-na-nu’? I don’t think so.”

Despite this very valid point, sources noted that Malik’s Google search history in the previous two weeks included entries like, “sorry song, best in world”, “good lyrics 2 copy abhi,” and “justen beeber really sorry or what?”

Malik’s wife too confirmed that he had been singing the line “sorry miss Jackson” on loop in his sleep the night before he released his blockbuster apology on YouTube.

Actor Aamir Khan, who is known for raising his voice when it matters the most, and is also responsible for lip-synching “Raja ko rani se pyaar ho gaya” to the Godfather tune, was quick to point out that he didn’t necessarily think any of this was plagiarism.

“It’s very hard to take something that’s famous in English and replicate it, beat for beat, in Hindi,” the actor said, standing in front of a poster of his famous Ghajini movie. “I personally have never stolen anything, since I’m such an amazing person who helps everyone, but we should all go easy on Mr Malik.”