Ambani Wedding Creates Jobs for Has-Been Actors, Cricketers; Unemployment Rate Falls by 2 Per Cent: Survey


Ambani Wedding Creates Jobs for Has-Been Actors, Cricketers; Unemployment Rate Falls by 2 Per Cent: Survey

Illustration: Arati Gujar

Asurvey conducted by the National Sample Survey Office after the Akash Ambani- Shloka Mehta wedding has revealed that the unemployment rate in India has fallen by two per cent after 10,000 jobs were created during the extravagant celebrations spread over 15 days. The Ambani wedding project has employed the highest number of people after anti-Romeo squads and IT-cell trolls.

Out-of-work Bollywood actors, former politicians and diplomats, ex-cricketers and CEOs of tech companies had all been employed during the three-day mega-event to do only one job, that is dance behind Akash Ambani during the sangeet. “Paying lakhs of rupees to Riteish Deshmukh, Jackie Shroff, and Abhishek Bachchan to do the naagin dance during the baraat is our way of giving back to the Bollywood community. Not many people know this but if you count Guru, Abhishek has been in more Ambani weddings than he has been in films as a lead character,” said Nitin Patel, chief wedding organiser for the Ambanis.

The best photographers, cooks, gardeners, pilots, fashion designers, interior decorators and jewellers from across the country had been hired for the wedding. Along with timely cash payments, they were also promised perks like free unlimited Jio data for a year and a season ticket pass for all Mumbai Indians IPL games at Wankhede.   

Former secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, who was also present at the wedding added, “When I was working at the UN, unemployment was a major issue for many struggling economies. I’m amazed to witness the scale of this wedding. Instead of complaining to customer care, Mukesh Bhai has directly invited CEOs of Google, Microsoft and Netflix to solve tech-related issue. There were more people employed at this wedding than those helping Anil Ambani to recover his dues.

A political storm has broken out over the Ambani wedding with the Congress party claiming all Ambani weddings  are purposely being held during BJP tenure to help the economy. “The Ambani kids could’ve married before 2014 or after the general elections but we all know Modi and Mukesh Bhai are best friends. The wedding has been timed perfectly just before a general election to help the government. Sab mile hue hai,” said Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

The NDA government has initiated back-channel communication to form an alliance with the Ambani family. “Creating jobs by setting up new industries is very difficult. If we can form some sort of an agreement where one member of the Ambani family gets married every year, it will be great for the economy in terms of GDP growth as well as unemployment numbers. Talks are in final stages for Anant Ambani’s wedding during Modi ji’s next tenure,” said the finance minister.