News Weed: Man Cancels Ola Because Driver Is Muslim, Walks To Favourite Biryani Restaurant


News Weed: Man Cancels Ola Because Driver Is Muslim, Walks To Favourite Biryani Restaurant

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


umbai, April 23: Taking inspiration from VHP member and Hindutva thinker Abhishek Mishra, yet another man cancelled his Ola ride in Lucknow because the “driver was a Muslim”. He said, like Mishra, he too hoped he’d become the talk of town and add esteemed ministers to his list of Twitter followers. Soon after cancelling his ride to ensure that no “money goes to Jihadi People,” he decided to walk to his destination in an act of defiance. Sources have told us that his destination was his favourite Awadhi biryani restaurant.

The man identified only by his Twitter handle, m@nd1rmaker420, later tweeted, “Cancelled an Ola because my driver was Muslim. Decided to walk to my destination to protest Ola’s policy of inciting communal harmony.”

Latest reports indicate that m@nd1rmaker420 had multiple servings of biryani and has slipped into food coma. His wife, who is also identified by her Twitter handle,  durg4vahi1ni69, said, “Biryani is a tool used by the minority to make us lethargic and slow. They think their jihadi conspiracy will deter us from our temple run, but we will fight this.”

Supporters of m@nd1rmaker420 have organised a slogan-shouting protest in Lucknow since they don’t believe in silent marches. There has also been a demand for a CBI inquiry into the food-coma incident after a police report said that m@nd1rmaker420 ate veg pulao and not biryani.  

This has angered a large section of the population, including Zomato-reviewing foodies. There have been sporadic violence in some parts of the country – angry young men and women vandalised restaurants serving veg pulao under the guise of biryani. JNU students protested this violence and student leader Equality Sharma asked, “Why hate our brethren but love their biryani?”

At the time of going to press, calls had been made to boycott everything from Ola, to biryani, to Amazon, for stocking ingredients used to make biryani. The groups behind the demand were identified as Hindu Pulao Manch, the Sri Raita Sene, and the Akhil Bharatiya Veg Pulao Parishad.