Ahead of 2019 Elections, Ramdev Performs U-Turnasana; Unsure of Whom to Support for PM


Ahead of 2019 Elections, Ramdev Performs U-Turnasana; Unsure of Whom to Support for PM

Illustration: Ahmed Sikander

Reports are coming in that there has been some chemical locha in Baba Ramdev’s brain over the last couple of days. He seemed to be hale, hearty, and pro-BJP last week, when he agreed with Arnab Goswami, who was calling Naseeruddin Shah a traitor. Today, displaying his famous U-turnasana, he claimed he wasn’t sure who would win the 2019 elections anymore.

“Pata nahin yeh Baba ko kya ho gaya hai,” said a BJP leader, who went to greet Baba Ramdev at his ashram. “Not only did his disciples charge me for the welcome Gomutra drink, one of them drew a circle around Ramdev’s chair and asked me to stand outside it so Baba could to maintain equal distance from all political parties.”

“Achha sila diya hai Baba ne hamare pyaar ka. I am sure the BJP worker who asked PM Modi an out-of-syllabus question in Puducherry that day is one of his agents,” the angry BJP leader said, making a resolution for the new year on the spot: “I won’t visit Baba again until he does prayashchit and says PM Modi is the only true leader for this country.”

Political analysts were quick to drop watching the new season of House of Cards to discuss Baba Ramdev‘s new asana. A few claimed Ramdev was lashing out at the government for refusing his request to produce petrol at a lower rate than Bisleri, for which he has a patent. Others say the government has ignored Ramdev’s Swadeshi economic ideas far too often.

“How many times has he told the government that the ₹2000 note is ugly, the government never listens. Ramdev ji also recommended that the government follow Muhurtam time when making critical decisions related to demonetisation and GST, but his suggestion was ignored,” said Swami Nithyanandan, a good friend of the Baba.

“He is one of the best economists in the country. Why was his name not even considered for RBI governor,” Nithyanandan asked. “Baba’s anger is totally justified.”

Meanwhile Baba Ramdev’s U-turnasana seems to have become a trend. Sources say the IT companies that had planned to revise freshers’ salaries after couple of decades, have put their plans on hold for another year. Arun Jaitley, who spoke about how a single rate GST was not practically possible in India, was also inspired by the asana.