1 Like = 1 Apocalypse Averted


1 Like = 1 Apocalypse Averted

Illustration: Palak Bansal/Arré


here are few ways to tell if you’re one of them cool kids: You enjoy everything ironically, you routinely drink something that looks like it’s been regurgitated by a lizard, and you share articles about climate change with all your friends. Only the last one is a problem.

Scientists are now releasing doomsday warnings like they’re Golmaal sequels. Two days ago 1,500 of them got together and penned a letter to humanity. Their message was clear: “Time is running out.” Now if only hashtags could capture greenhouse gases, the response that followed would have resolved the climate-change crisis. As usual, the outrage that followed relied more on reacting to this news with cross-eyed emojis and dangling participles (“Horrifying!”) than actually addressing any personal or lifestyle changes.