Indians, How Can You Hate on Vegans?


Indians, How Can You Hate on Vegans?

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


ere in India, our diets are as diverse as our faiths. There are those who refuse to eat omelettes, but will gulp down a caramel custard. There are the chicketarians who always order Murgh Masala when they’re out, but don’t dare to cook it at home for fear of giving dadiji a heart attack. There is the hardcore non-veg specimen, who takes a serving of sabzi as a personal insult, and the equally hardcore vegetarian, who will not even touch the plate that was used to serve an egg in a past life. And then there is the beefeater who woke up one day to find herself an enemy of the state.

And yet, despite this rich tapestry of oft-senseless food fads, we, like most of the world, still look sideways at the oddest of them all – the hapless vegan.