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  • ponkhpakodas Ponkh Pakodas Recipe

    Turn tender young jowar into these crisp, crunchy ponkh pakodas before winter fades and takes ponkh with it.

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  • No-Effort New Year’s Resolutions for Commitment-Phobe Millennials

    Let’s forego the whole charade of New Year’s Resolutions and be resigned to the fact that you’re never going to stick to them. So maybe focus on finding a life-changing,

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  • ponkhchaat Ponkh Chaat Recipe

    Ditch the cooking and toss up this spicy, tangy chaat with ponkh or tender jowar. Guaranteed to take away the back to work blues.

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  • ponkhupmarecipe Ponkh Upma Recipe

    Tender, young jowar called Ponkh in Gujarat or Hurda in Maharashtra is a hyper-seasonal ingredient available for just a few months a year. Here's how you can turn it into tast

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