Whisky Uncles and How to Spot Them


Whisky Uncles and How to Spot Them

Illustration: Akshita Monga


hen it comes to alcohol, India is like your snooty, almost-30 adarshvaadi cousin, who refuses a drink at family parties, but then finally relents after being egged on by relatives, gets wrecked, and dances to “Kajra Re” with your overweight aunt from out of town. We might live in a land of sanskaar, but we chug our pegs with élan, sans coke, with two cubes of ice and jyaada soda paani kam, be it vodka, whisky, beer, or rum.

From an Indian perspective, beer is traditionally viewed as a younger man’s drink, quaffed by the case, in a trendy space, by manbun-sporting hipsters. Rum, on the other hand, is the more national drink, reserved for more serious tipplers, and served with Coke. Gin is reserved for psychopaths, or ruddy, double-chinned alcoholics, but there’s only one drink, that’s a cut above the rest. An elixir for balding men above the age of 50. Call it single malt, call it bourbon, or simply good ol’ whisky.