The World Through Food


The World Through Food

What is it about watching a slice of melting cheese slowly spreading on a slice of bread with its liquid warmth? What draws you to a cupcake enrobed in pillowy frosting that allows you a peek at the bare-baked goodness beneath? Or a perfectly shaped droplet of water, sliding ever so slowly down the waist of a tall frosty glass, that makes you drink in the sight?

In culinary school, the adage, “The diner eats with his eyes first” is drilled into the crania of students. This emphasis on presentation is the difference between a mediocre plate of vegetables tossed with a few pieces of meat, and an Instagram-worthy Asian culinary masterpiece. This is where food is headed, and it’s taking the information superhighway. In this age of the Android or iOS handset, we devour food content with the same gluttony as we would a slice of pizza. We do it with food videos, food pictures, food stories, food memories, or recipes. Food is suddenly everywhere.  

Food is no longer just the stuff on our plates to be consumed at meal times. Food is social interaction; food is a lens on culture. Food is an insight into who you are. It is forensic evidence of where you come from and where you are headed. Draw it out a little, and food can tell you all you need to know about the world in the week that went by.

Anyone can show you how to make a sandwich; a few might also tell you how to jazz it up with some lettuce and heirloom tomatoes. But only a bro can tell you how this sandwich can be employed toward the greater purpose of putting you in the middle of a three-person sub. That bro is Arré Grub. Anyone can tell you how to make a Joan Collins, but only Arré Grub can teach you how to mix one for Hillary Clinton. Any fool could slap together a French toast, but only Arré Grub can teach you how to make one that will make your old man happy.

Arré Grub is the future of food content, that mid-afternoon respite from the drudgery of a workday, that safest, most shareable form of pornography. It’s here to stay on our pint-sized screens, slaking our insatiable appetites. You’ll find us here, swimming, dunking, drowning, celebrating, eating, tasting, comparing, ridiculing, and commenting on what’s making news around us… all through food. Arré Grub is the world presented to you in gastronomic Technicolor with food tales that are colourful, delicious, layered, and fun.

Let the feasting begin!