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  • Tequila Suprabhat

    Our Tequila Suprabhat Cocktail will make the sun rise on your Sunday brunch

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  • Sassy Kaala Khatta

    Shake up this Sassy Kaala Khatta Cocktail to begin the weekend right.

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  • Do You Like Your Rotis with a Dollop of Politics?

    At the Indian dining table your food is served with a side of politics. Vegetarians, aka part-time animal lovers, don’t share a table with beef- and pork-eaters; Armchair S

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  • Save The Plate

    Of all the millennial trends, I find the new phenomenon of not eating on plates, a little hard to digest

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  • Post-Eid Biryani Binge

    If you love biryani as much as we do, and haven't got enough of it on Eid, here's some more. We got Sama Ankolkar of The Hungry Bunny to whip us some some tasty mutton biryani

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