The 5 pm Office Snack: Where Diets Go to Die


The 5 pm Office Snack: Where Diets Go to Die

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


t finally happened. You stood on the weighing scale and the number staring back was the one you’d promised yourself you weren’t going to reach. The worst part is that you have no idea how you got here. Sure, work and relationships take up most of your energy, and while you’ve binged a couple of nights, you’ve still been trying to find time to work out and eat smart. By now, the amount you’ve spent on green tea is equivalent to Assam’s GDP. Still, for some godforsaken reason, that tyre around your middle isn’t going anywhere.

Imagine this familiar story with the added awful twist of an office-diet bet that you’re going to lose miserably, and you’ll have an idea about the shaky boat that we all find ourselves on, as we close in on our 30s. The bet has the stated purpose of a joint mission, launched to help each other lose weight, but the truth is it’s every man for himself. The first person to lose weight gets to hold the moral high ground over the other, so you use every piece of ammunition you can. The AK-47 in your hand, if you’ve got the discipline to use it right, is the 5 pm office snack.