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  • cheesefingers Crispy Cheese Fingers Recipe

    Crispy cheese fingers for that cheesy person in your life. Tag karo!

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  • MaggiBiryani Maggi Biryani

    Presenting, Maggi Biryani, a crossover of two of India's favourite foods. Stop asking your Muslim friends for biryani and make it yourself. Seize the means of production.

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  • MaggiOmelette Crispy Maggi Omelette Recipe

    Move over anda Maggi, the crispy Maggi Omelette is here to satisfy your hunger for Maggi experimentation.

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  • Crunchy Chicken Popcorn Recipe

    Take this crunchy, spicy and salty chicken popcorn along the next time you visit a multiplex instead of buying plain old popcorn.

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  • oldmonk Old Monk Hot Chocolate Recipe

    Turn some Dairy Milk chocolate and Old Monk into this delicious hot chocolate. The perfect 'pick me up' for when you're feeling low.

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