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  • MaggiTarts Maggi Tarts Recipe

    Make these tasty Maggi tarts stuffed with chatpata sweet potato mash for your next post-garba soiree.

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  • MaggiScotchEggs Maggi Scotch Eggs Recipe

    On #WorldEggDay here's a recipe for Scotch Eggs featuring Maggi.

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  • MaggiBiryani Maggi Biryani

    Presenting, Maggi Biryani, a crossover of two of India's favourite foods. Stop asking your Muslim friends for biryani and make it yourself. Seize the means of production.

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  • MaggiOmelette Crispy Maggi Omelette Recipe

    Move over anda Maggi, the crispy Maggi Omelette is here to satisfy your hunger for Maggi experimentation.

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