Khaleesi ka Dabba


Khaleesi ka Dabba

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza


bjects that have mass are gravitationally attracted to each other – the larger the mass, the greater the attraction. In school, however, attraction had nothing to do with size. It had to do with tiffins. The tiffin with the best goodies single-handedly attracted everyone else during lunch break. To these people went all the smiles, poems, and admiration – the kind you reserve for the max star-wearing server at KFC.

In a world that offered cold bread and ketchup, cold bread and bhujia, cold bread and cheese, cold bread and *insert anything*, cold Maggi that turned into salty humid cakes and tasted like solidified Chinjabi manchow soup, cold poha, or sabzis that leaked gallons of oil, the owner of a well-packed, mildly warm, well-seasoned and delish chow mein earned the status of a Tiffin Khaleesi.