Humans of Iftar


Humans of Iftar

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


t is a universally agreed upon fact that the favourite part of any religious abstinence is religious gluttony, and nothing spells gluttony like iftar. This is a substantial meal shared among large social circles during Ramzan, with a spread as elaborate as a 16th-century jousting tournament. There’s meat of every kind and every kind of meat. All creatures great and small are roasted, fried, stewed, and served up to the hungry faithful.

The feast after the fast is often hosted by the well heeled in air-conditioned homes, where the table overflows, the sherbet is poured, and the conversation glows. My iftar throwdown is usually at my friend Serious Salim’s house. Serious Salim is a staunch Muslim; he’s famous all over Saudi Arabia for his legendary observance of sharia, and perhaps for putting out the most interesting table at iftar.