The Definitive Guide To Working With A Hangover


The Definitive Guide To Working With A Hangover

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


t takes a certain amount of fortitude and a lot of nariyal paani to go out and get wrecked on a weeknight. Weeknight drinkers are a rare breed of people – 10 per cent brave, 10 per cent depressed, 10 per cent stressed, 20 per cent addicted, and 50 per cent foolish. But since 50 per cent also happens to be the discount during happy hours, the not-so-foolish ones get twice as hammered for half the price. From there on, it’s all a blur of beer, B-52s, Badshah, and barf.

But before you know it, a blear morning has arrived, bringing with it its bastard child… a workday morning. With the morning comes the clickety-clack of keyboards, chatter about timelines and deliverables, and eager colleagues, some as sprightly as springtime jackrabbits. It’s killing you because right now the soundtrack of your world is “Zombie”, but your sober, responsible co-workers are hopping to “Everything Is Awesome!” But worry not, you can survive both their optimism and your hangover. Simply follow this guide to fight the hangover from hell and thank me at the bar later.