Great Egg-spectations


Great Egg-spectations

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


f you speak to any great chef, there are chances that he will put the cooking of an egg as any chef’s great test. Eggs are one of those things that people get really specific about and one preference can be vastly different from the other. Eggs are not like a plain dosa that everyone likes crisp, or a milkshake that everyone likes cold. When it comes to eggs, there is no common rule. We stand alone with our unique eggadillo (sorry I was punning on peccadillo, but clearly I have failed).

This is not just about some people liking boiled eggs and others who prefer omelettes. This is about the boiled egg chap (for instance, my husband) only liking a perfectly warm, fresh, without-a-hint-of-black, half-boiled egg, with an underdone yolk held snug inside the firm whites, that when cut open does not spurt out like sunshine, sprinkled with salt and fresh pepper and ideally cut with a thread that does not eat into the comely shape of a half oval. (Ordering an egg with him at a restaurant makes me grind my teeth.)