We Need to Talk about Lamb Testicles


We Need to Talk about Lamb Testicles

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ne day, we will all be chowing down on bugs as a source of protein, thanks to a global food crisis brought on by our overdependence on meat and animal protein. Tons has been written about the fact that we’re using more cultivable land for livestock fodder, but we don’t talk enough about how we’re compounding the problem by picking only the A-grade pristine cuts of meat and then not giving a fuck about where the rest of the animal is going to wind up. The answer is, in a ditch somewhere as fertiliser, or as pet food, because we’re too busy buying a pack of boneless chicken breasts from the swank supermarket.

Let’s think about pig brain or lamb testicles. Your friendly neighbourhood McDonald’s doesn’t have a McPigbrain Burger and if it sold a McTesticle Burger, you’d shut it down. Why? Because the idea of eating lamb testicles is enough to throw you into a moral and gastric conundrum when it’s as fundamental as ABC. Eating nose and tail is, in a nutshell, respecting the animal you have killed. Not eating upward of 67 per cent of it, is disrespectful to the life you have taken.