A French Toast that Smells of Childhood


A French Toast that Smells of Childhood

Illustration: Palak Bansal/Arré

If there’s one food that sends me back in time, to when I was a chaddi-wearing child of 12, it’s French toast. For starters, it’s basically carbs, dipped in fat and sugar, fried in more fat and topped off with even more sugar. The kind of food you really wouldn’t mind eating, considering all the hijinks your developing body is up to. Versus now when even being in the same vicinity as a piece of fried chicken is sure to send your cholesterol skyward.

Then there’s the fact that it was made for you, by someone else out of love. It was free, and you can’t put a price on those kinda things. This was junk food at its finest, because it came out of your mama’s kitchen and it was impossible to feel the guilt you feel now when you so much as sniff at a KFC Zinger.

If there ever was a perfect day to eat a pile of French toast drenched in honey, it’s today, Children’s Day, that one day of the year when you shouldn’t worry about eating this at your work desk in the evening and having your productivity plummet faster than Kevin Spacey’s career. It’s Children’s Day, the day to reminisce about the carefree life of childhood, while stuck in the clusterfuck that is adult life. In that way, French toast is escapism at its best.
Here’s a recipe for a simple chocolate-stuffed French toast you should be making, rather than changing your profile photo on Facebook to a picture of a polaroid from when you were younger.

Here’s What You Need:
8 slices of sliced bread or 4 pavs
3 eggs
270 ml milk
A cup of sugar
One pinch of cinnamon
Cadbury Dairy Milk or your favourite chocolate bar
Gems, M&M’s, or your favorite candy, chopped
2 tablespoons of oil, for frying

What to Do with It:
1.If using sliced bread, cut off the edges, place three squares of chocolate and a tablespoon of candy in the centre of a slice of bread. Place another slice on top and seal the edges using the milk.
2. If using pav, simply make a slit in the pavs and stuff the chocolate and candy inside it, without splitting the bread in half.
3. Now mix together two egg yolks and one whole egg with the sugar, milk, and cinnamon.
4. Dip your bread in the milk and egg mixture and pan fry until golden and crispy on all sides.
5. Serve hot with a sprinkling of some sugar and cinnamon powder.