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  • Fondant-Cake Dear Millennials, Can You Please Kill Fondant Cake?

    You remember that gym hottie you were eyeing for weeks? And how when he finally opened his mouth to crack a joke, your world fell apart. Fondant cake is no different. It’s g

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  • ponkhpakodas Ponkh Pakodas Recipe

    Turn tender young jowar into these crisp, crunchy ponkh pakodas before winter fades and takes ponkh with it.

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  • Winter Special: Ponkh Pancakes

    Ponkh or Hurda is the local name for tender young jowar, available only during winters. Here's how you can turn it into delicious, savoury pancakes for a healthy breakfast.

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  • Vindaloo Roast Cauliflower Recipe

    Christmas doesn't need to be a meaty affar, this #Christmas2018 we've got all you vegetarians covered with this delicious, tangy, spicy Vindaloo Roasted Cauliflower that's jus

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  • Brick Chicken Recipe

    Ever wondered how to roast chicken with super crisp skin? The answer is simple, just use a brick.

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