A Strategic Guide to Beating a Buffet


A Strategic Guide to Beating a Buffet

Illustration: Arati Gujar


s a broke 20-something buying cigarettes by the stick instead of the pack, one thing I’m not used to is unlimited choices. This is why I’m a complete embarrassment to my family and friends whenever I get an opportunity to eat at a buffet spread. I experience what the privileged folks of the world call “the curse of choice”. There are too many dishes to try, and no one judges you for taking three helpings of dessert. Maybe this is why I pick everything. Usually, I start with some crappy salad that I would much rather avoid, I try three different soups because who orders that off the menu, and I also try everything vegetarian because, you know, my body is my temple. And then I wonder why I feel too bloated to go for the special dishes.

But that is not not how you eat at a buffet. In fact that is the worst possible way to eat in general. However, thanks to my many failed attempts at conquering buffets, I have realised that a few strategies come in handy when going on an eating binge. Here’s a list of ways you can win the next round of man vs food.