When Baba Ramdev Turned Restaurateur


When Baba Ramdev Turned Restaurateur

Illustration: Shivali Devalkar


he great American philosopher Jay Z once said, “I turn automobiles to hotels on wheels, I got money for a room it’s just the fact that I’m trill,” which roughly translates to “I can bang wherever I want because imma be cool.” No one has ever taken these words to heart like Baba Ramdev, who has tattooed Jay Z’s immortal verse at the spot where his stomach once was.

When I heard that the money-spinning legend’s latest attempt is the restaurant Postik, I was besieged by the burning question: Why in the birthplace of butter chicken would Baba go Postik? I put my life on the line and travelled to Chandigarh to play the real-life equivalent of Survivor and find the answer to the question that would not let me sleep.