Anthony Bourdain: The Saint Who Sexualised Food


Anthony Bourdain: The Saint Who Sexualised Food

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


“hat the fuck is all this shit”, is what I imagine Anthony Bourdain saying, as he reads the many obits that are pouring in today. With his sudden death becoming an online trend that will be ridden for all its worth like some  hooker from Phnom Penh, the question remains. Who exactly was Anthony Bourdain and why were the world and I charmed by this motherfucker?

Many things come to mind. Was he a breakfast cook, making below-par poached eggs for the breakfast crowd, as he contemplated dragging his face across a hot waffle iron? Was he a reformed addict who ditched the needle for the camera, choosing the lukewarm adulation of millions over the warm wonderful embrace of smack? Or was he just a man with an unparalleled joie de vivre, which most of us will never experience in this life?