A Symphony of Flavours


A Symphony of Flavours

Illustration: Shivali Devalkar


itting one evening at a local food truck, waiting for my meal to arrive, I watch the chef conjure a plate of soul food. With the wok on the high flame, I observe the chef orchestrating a symphony as the onions sizzle in the oil, soon joined by the cabbage and the carrots, dancing to the tunes of the spatula, belting mild hisses of elation. It is time for the splash of chilli sauce, soya sauce, and ketchup to go in to bring the festivities to a halt before the grand finale. Each new sound sends a signal to my brain to look forward to a scrumptious plate of noodles to satiate my soul.

Finally, my plate arrives and I twirl my way into the noodles taking a mouthful. The soft noodles mutter to the chattering crunch of the carrot and cabbage. I alternate the bite of the noodles with a sip of chilled bubbly Coke, and with every bite I silently toast the truck chef for gratifying my hunger pangs after a hard day’s work.