Grub Recipes

chickenunderabrick Chicken Under A Brick Recipe Add to list
bakedchicken-lollipopsrecipe Baked Chicken Lollipops Recipe Add to list
tomatosoup Tomato Soup Recipe Add to list
crispypotatostacks Crispy Potato Stacks Recipe Add to list
Sweet-corn Chicken Soup Add to list
Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs Add to list
Amritsari Machhli Recipe Add to list
Chocolate Barfi Roll Recipe Add to list
boondiladoo Boondi Ladoo Bon Bons Add to list
Cheese Gujiyas Add to list
Chakli Schezuan Chaklis Recipe Add to list
Chocolate Chocolate Chilli Cake Add to list
Vegan Vegan Galouti Kebabs Recipe Add to list
Dhokla Dhokla Crostini Recipe Add to list
KurkureChaat Kurkure Chaat Recipe Add to list
MaggiTarts Maggi Tarts Recipe Add to list
TandooriChicken Tandoori Chicken Flatbread Recipe Add to list
DurgaPuja Bhappa Doi Crème Brûlée Recipe Add to list
Khandvi Khandvi Pops Recipe Add to list
Fluffy Omelette Recipe Add to list
MaggiScotchEggs Maggi Scotch Eggs Recipe Add to list
eggplant Eggplant Parmesan Add to list
ChocolateBrownies Fudgy Chocolate Brownie Recipe Add to list
chilicheesepoppers Chilli Cheese Poppers Add to list
KulfiSandwich Kulfi Sandwich Add to list
Cutlet Most Vegetarian Cutlets Ever Add to list
Pancakes Fluffy Pancakes Recipe Add to list
Chicken Nuggets Recipe Add to list
MaggiMasalaDosa Maggi Masala Dosa Add to list
ChocolateLaddoo Chocolate Laddoo Recipe Add to list
Ganpati Goodies For Ganpati Add to list
bbqchickenwings B.B.Q Chicken Wings Add to list
BoozyMasalaChai Boozy Masala Chai Add to list
cheesefingers Crispy Cheese Fingers Recipe Add to list
teachershottoddy Teacher's Hot Toddy Add to list
TeachersDay Teachers' Day Cocktails Add to list
bombaysandwich Bombay Sandwich Skewers Add to list
IrishCoffee Boozy Irish Coffee Recipe Add to list
truffles Chocolate Truffles for Your Behena Add to list
MaggiBiryani Maggi Biryani Add to list
Orange Old-fashioned Mocktail Add to list
LaysCheeseNuggets Lay's Cheese Nuggets Recipe Add to list
hersheymariebiscuit Hershey's Marie Biscuit Chocolate Pudding Add to list
MaggiOmelette Crispy Maggi Omelette Recipe Add to list
Aloo Bhujia Sandwich Add to list
Salted Caramel Pudding Add to list
Chicken Tikka Cornetto Add to list
Parle G Chai Mousse Add to list
rumballs Boozy Rum Balls Add to list
Chicken Sanju Baba Recipe Add to list
Crunchy Chicken Popcorn Recipe Add to list
frittata Lay's Frittata Recipe Add to list
bigmacbonda The Big Mac Bonda Add to list
peanutfudge Easy Chocolate Peanut Fudge Add to list
oldmonk Old Monk Hot Chocolate Recipe Add to list
wai-waichinesebhel Wai Wai Chinese Bhel Recipe Add to list
Fugiyas Recipe Add to list
Cold Kaapi Cocktail Add to list
pancakes Coconut Pancakes Add to list
Chicken Vindaloo Recipe Add to list
Eggs Kejriwal Add to list
Biscuit Basket Chaat Recipe Add to list
Potato Gold Coins Add to list
Kaabi E Tareef Kebab Add to list
Tequila Suprabhat Add to list
Chocolate French Toast Add to list
Sassy Kaala Khatta Add to list
Baked Chicken Pulao Add to list
Maggi Spring Rolls Add to list
Steamed Chicken Wontons Add to list
Mini Pizza Samosas Add to list
Desi Sunday Sangria Add to list
PizzaMuffin Easy Pizza Muffins Recipe Add to list
Easy Chowmein Recipe Add to list
Purposely Cheesy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe Add to list
cauliflower Spicy Cauliflower Lollipops Recipe: Add to list
bihu Khao Piyo Khisko - Bihu Special Add to list
tamilnewyear Khao Piyo Khisko - Tamil New Year Special Add to list
MishtiDoi 100-Rupee Hunger Pangs: Mishti Doi Cheesecake Add to list
100-Rupee Hunger Pangs: Biscuit Basket Chaat Add to list
Hundred-Rupee Hunger Pangs: Khakra Quesadillas Add to list
MaggiCheeseFingers Hundred-Rupee Hunger Pangs: Maggi Cheese Fingers Add to list
The Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Add to list
Hundred-Rupee Hunger Pangs: Papad Tacos Add to list
Kaapi Colada for Madras Day Add to list
Navroz Mubarak: Parsi Fried Chicken Add to list
PriyankaChopra Piggy Chops for Piggy Chops Add to list
CBFC Sex on the Beach for the Censor Board Add to list
IndiaPakistan Friday's Cross Border Cocktail Add to list
DonaldTrump Cupcakes to Go: Happy Birthday, Donald Trump! Add to list
Beef A for Angus, B for Barzona: An Ode to Beef Add to list
What's Cooking for the Biebs? Add to list
How to Make Caulipops in One Minute Add to list
A Coping Guide for “Kallu” Kids Add to list
Aam Panna for the Broken Soul Add to list
Bloody Maar Peet | Recipe Add to list
DU-wali chow mein | Recipe Add to list
Sassy-Kala Khatta | Recipe Add to list
Mutton Chettinad Dosa Tacos | Recipe Add to list
Mushroom Ragout with Tagliatelle | Recipe Add to list

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