Home Run: Why Every Woman Needs A House of Her Own


Home Run: Why Every Woman Needs A House of Her Own

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ast week we celebrated Women’s Day, or as they call it in advertising, The Day We Tried to Break the Internet with the Most Empowering Discounts of Them All.

It’s the day when everything — from toilet cleaners to non-stick tavas — are potential tools to lead us to the conclusion that we ladies are positively brimming with awesomeness. And that the only thing missing from our emancipated bliss is the possession of said toilet cleaner or non-stick tawa or mosquito repellent or anti-ageing cream or… you get the drift. But the good news: In celebration of our lady bits, all of the above-mentioned products were accompanied by limited period, attractive discounts that would make us shudder and convulse in orgasmic (the real, not the kind we fake) glee. Nothing spells freedom like slashed prices and 40 per cent discounts on skin whitening/brightening/tightening creams.