Sexual Harassment Forever and Ever, Amen


Sexual Harassment Forever and Ever, Amen

Illustration: Akshita Monga


hen Shweta Chawla started SC Cyber Solutions, a cybercrime specialist outfit in Pune, she had no idea that she would also end up becoming the city’s sexual harassment specialist. These cases were never Shweta’s favourite. Sexual harassment involved people, and people, unlike devices, were complicated. She preferred straightforward cases of hacking or data theft where technology delivered a final verdict and justice was quick. But in sexual harassment disputes, no matter which way the case was settled, no one ever won, and seldom was the perpetrator brought to justice.

Even today, she remembers the case of Anya*. Anya was attending an office conference last year and had knocked back a couple of drinks. Eventually, she went to her room and passed out. The following day, Rohit*, her boss – a long-time employee of the company, and four years her senior– called her to his cabin and showed her a video. It was hardly 24 seconds long, but it was enough to ruin her life.