Rockin’ Them Designer Vaginas


Rockin’ Them Designer Vaginas

Illustration: Akshita Monga


n January, 40-year-old Jasleen went under the knife for a relatively unknown procedure: vaginal rejuvenation. Jasleen had her second baby at the age of 36, and felt “loose” after her pregnancy. She didn’t want to compromise on her sex life. The pre-op for her vaginal tightening may have involved a session with her partner, so that the doctor could determine, prior to the surgery, the size of the opening that would work best for the couple, but Jasleen wouldn’t say.

“You only live once,” Jasleen told me with a shrug and I couldn’t help but agree. Enlightenment, some say, is attained in the fleeting seconds after an orgasm, so I think Jasleen going for the kill is admirable.