Blood on the Bathroom Floor


Blood on the Bathroom Floor

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ear advertisers of sanitary napkins, you’ve convinced an entire generation that “ultra-thin pads” can help us conquer the world in tight white pants. But some of us leak through the widest and longest pads, and bleed like a fountain.

The first time I saw an advertisement for a sanitary napkin on television, I understood everything. Grown-up women had a problem controlling their bladder since they couldn’t pee anywhere like adult men, so they needed to always have a stash of nappies at their disposal. So sure was I in this analysis, that when my Class 5 teacher stepped in to dispel the myth a few years later, I did not take her seriously. It sounded ludicrous. How could a woman bleed for several days every month during the better part of her life and none of the ads ever hint at it? It took a long, hard biology lesson for the truth to dawn.