Spider-Man, Your Friendly Neighbourhood House Husband


Spider-Man, Your Friendly Neighbourhood House Husband

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


t all started when Spider-Man read a meme that went viral. It was about him. Someone had called him the most stupid superhero of all, for wearing his underwear over his head. That state-of the-art mask that took him several back-breaking hours and numerous visits to the pharmacy for bottles of Maybelline’s glossy-mossy superlicious liquid liner, to make, was now a joke.  

Only a moron could mistake those carefully drawn doe eyes for leg holes! Mr Spider-Man was afflicted with a mid-height crisis. He hung between skyscrapers for days, coloured his hair orange, waxed his chest hair, got drunk on root beer, and tried hitting on Sarah Jessica Parker. (Boy, did she have bony hands! That slap stung for days.)