Siren Is Here, Let’s Give It A Loud Cheer!


Siren Is Here, Let’s Give It A Loud Cheer!

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


o say that it’s been a hell of a year for women is an understatement. On the heels of the global #MeToo movement, women have been calling out creeps on Twitter, the news, and even at the bus stop. If there was ever a moment for women to speak up, give collective cry, a call to action, it is now. The siren call for action has been most definitely given.

Arré SIREN is that call you can’t ignore, an oestrogen-fuelled ode to the burgeoning local arts scene and the women who are building it up, one shattered stereotype at a time. The two-day music and comedy festival features the first-ever fully female lineup of acts. It will have all kinds of blasphemous things being said, unladylike jokes being cracked and songs of cheer being sung out loud.