What Do We Do About the Sexual Harassers’ List?


What Do We Do About the Sexual Harassers’ List?

Illustration: Akshita Monga


n 2015, much before the mega exposé of Harvey Weinstein sent Hollywood tumbling like a bunch of dominoes, much before the universal solidarity of #MeToo, and way before the divisiveness of The List, I remember being horrified with an anonymous account of a woman student from Christ University.

The woman had detailed the various degrees of sexual harassment that she and her classmates suffered at the hands of the college’s professors. The harassers occupied many rungs along the college’s food chain, and went as far up as the counsellor and the dean, both of whom had a reputation of routinely pulling up female students for their appearance. The author also laid bare the inefficiency and powerlessness of the college’s student council and the faculty, tasked with protecting the students. Their complaints against an Additional English Professor, a known harasser who asked his female students out to the movies, were dismissed as him being “friendly”. He continued teaching despite a negative faculty evaluation by the students.