Breaking the Creep’s Code


Breaking the Creep’s Code

Illustration: Sushant Ahire/Arré


f you grew up in India during the nineties, there’s no way you could have avoided hearing this beauty. This marquee song from a film whose name you can’t remember (Yash, 1996, you’re welcome) hits all the high notes of ’90s’ Bollywood kitsch: Aerobic exercise in place of dance, outfits borrowed from the local bandwallah, and unsolicited attention from a strange man right outside your window. I sing “Dil mera bole hello how are you” routinely while parsing my social-media profiles.

A version of this song has made its way into my life ever since I decided to make a career as an entertainer. Every day, some red-blooded young man touches base with me on social media and asks, “How are you?”