From Minors to Senior Citizens, No Indian Woman is Safe: 86-Year-Old Woman Raped in Delhi


From Minors to Senior Citizens, No Indian Woman is Safe: 86-Year-Old Woman Raped in Delhi

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

Anyone who says India is a safe place for women is either in denial or lying. Even during a nationwide lockdown and global pandemic, horrifying reports of brutal rape cases have continued to be reported by the media. From minors to senior citizens, no woman is truly safe. The latest shocking incident involves an 86-year-old survivor, who was raped by a 37-year-old assailant in south west Delhi’s Chhawla neighbourhood. The incident took place on Monday, September 7, in the evening. It’s a reminder that despite the increased vigilance against sexual violence since the Nirbhaya case in 2012, the number of rape cases has not reduced and women are hardly any safer than they were then.

The rapist was apprehended by locals after they heard the sounds of the elderly woman struggling. They discovered the survivor in extreme trauma after the assault. The rapist was handed over to the police and the survivor was admitted to a hospital for a medical test. Thankfully, her condition became stable and she was released from the hospital yesterday, on Tuesday, September 8.

There is widespread outrage at the shocking incident. The chief of the Delhi Commission for Women met with the survivor on Tuesday, and also condemned the incident while calling for the trial of the rapist to be fast-tracked. “From a six-month-old girl to a 90-year-old woman, no one is safe in Delhi. The kind of trauma this woman had to face clearly indicates that the perpetrators of these crimes are not humans. I met the woman today, she is an extremely courageous woman. We will ensure she gets justice. This case needs to be fast-tracked and justice should be served within six months,” said Maliwal.

While the country seems to be obsessed with injustices being perpetrated on Bollywood stars (both living and deceased), regular citizens of India continue to suffer without any social media campaigns on their behalf.