#MeToo: Is it Okay to Feel Guilty about Outing a Sexual Harasser?


#MeToo: Is it Okay to Feel Guilty about Outing a Sexual Harasser?

Illustration: Zikra Rizwan


ve spent almost six months grappling with this feeling, trying to quash it hastily every time it surfaces. I’ve spent countless hours agonising, even scolding myself that this isn’t my burden to bear. I’m disgusted with myself for feeling sorry for someone who I know, with every fibre of my being, doesn’t deserve one square millimetre of real estate in my mind. And yet here’s the undeniable fact — there are days when I feel gut-wrenchingly guilty for outing my abuser during the height of #MeToo in October last year.

It’s not a guilt borne out of fabrication — I still stand by each word I said, and I can still produce witnesses corroborating that my version of what transpired is the unembellished truth. If anything, I should be able to find solace in knowing that once I outed him, a dozen-odd women came forward with stories that were disturbingly similar to mine. And even more stormed my inbox with screenshots and stories that made it revoltingly clear that the schmuck was a serial harasser with a grotty MO.