Sexual Harassment and the Culture of Silence


Sexual Harassment and the Culture of Silence

Illustration: Saachi Mehta


resh out of college in 2013, the writing internship with Emaho Magazine, the “iconoclastic, hip and edgy” webzine of photography and culture, had me hopping with excitement. Manik Katyal, its itinerant founder, had offered me the opportunity to interview South Asian artists across the board. It was the job of my dreams. I was to be based in Pune while Manik continued to call Delhi his head office.

Days into the internship, and my conversations with my boss, who for me was only a voice on the phone, took a swift, unexpected turn. It began with the slightly intrusive but innocuous questions like whether I had a boyfriend or what I did on weekends and “for fun”. It escalated quickly from there. When he discovered I knew a talented young photographer, he asked me straight up how I liked the idea of making out with her.