Are Ladies’ Nights Really Sexist?


Are Ladies’ Nights Really Sexist?

Illustration: Arati Gujar


ast Wednesday, I was jolted from the stupor of my humdrum existence when I accidentally spilled some piping hot green tea on my laptop. Like any true millennial, I was bereft. My plans of a cosy evening with Jessica Jones had gone for a toss along with my comforting beverage. The thought of making a fresh cuppa and curling up with a good book crossed my mind, but it was immediately followed by a voice that sounded uncannily like my mother’s, suggesting that it was high time I committed to some kind of interaction with the outside world. And maybe put on a clean pair of pants.

This was sound logic, and I couldn’t argue with the voice. So I decided to do what I assumed cool, fun girls do on a Wednesday night – I stuck my poor laptop into a bag of basmati, phoned a friend, and headed for a club whose ladies’ night advertisement screamed, “Free shots until 1.30 am!”