Hey Indian Men, Let’s Talk About Enthusiastic Consent


Hey Indian Men, Let’s Talk About Enthusiastic Consent

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


tsav Chakraborty and I travelled together for gigs and featured on several comedy line-ups together. I’ve known him for over a year now – since I first took to stand-up in February 2017 – and like most open-micers at the time, I admired his comic timing and quirky stage presence. Then, this past Thursday at 12.44 pm, a tweet thread with multiple allegations of sexual harassment broke out against Chakraborty. Through the rest of the day, several accounts of Chakraborty’s perverse behaviour  with women – some of them minors – began to pour in.

This was followed by a self-serving apology, which seemed like an attempt to justify his behaviour. But within those few hours, the floodgates opened, as allegations that run the spectrum of toxic male behaviour – from soliciting nudes and sending dick pics to being rapists – came tumbling out of the closets they’ve been in for years. Chakraborty had inadvertently became the poster boy of the dirty, dark side of social media’s so-called woke brigade… ironically, on the very platform that helped him build his brand.