Into the Dark World of a Trafficked Girl


Into the Dark World of a Trafficked Girl

Illustration: Akshita Monga


am Champa, a young, trafficked girl trying to escape from a brothel. It takes me 20 attempts to find a key to escape the room I’ve been locked up in. As soon as I open the door, there are men outside waiting to catch me. I’m taken back to the Masi who runs a brothel. She has named me Ruby and dressed me up in red. She calls Shonty to punish me for trying to escape. He pushes me into a room and the door closes. I scream, “Please, noooo.

I don’t like the idea of playing Missingthe new role-playing game by Leena Kejriwal, when I first hear of it. How is it okay to play a game based on the reality of thousands of exploited women? An experience that for millions of abducted and trafficked girls is chilling? How am I expected to become Ruby, to put myself in her situation while I’m sitting comfortably at home sipping coffee, my dog cuddled up next to me? There are no real consequences to my actions. I can do as I please and most importantly, when I’ve had enough, I can pause and exit.