The Perfect Winter Soup is Here


The Perfect Winter Soup is Here

Illustration: Palak Bansal/Arré

Winter is coming. No, I don’t mean that in context to Game of Thrones, I mean it’s November: The air is nippy, my beard feels dry and scraggly, and yeah there’s soup on the table every evening. My mother’s precociousness dictates that soup is a necessity, the minute she feels even a slight dip in temperature or humidity. Even good old Mumbai, usually thriving in the “hot enough to make your balls sweat” zone, is now having a handful of not-so-hot days, which mama gratefully accepts as winter.

The perfect soup for winter invovles walking into a cheap Chinese restaurant, with trashy décor, Shetty waiters and melamine plates, and ordering the customary sweet corn chicken soup which really pisses my grandmother off. Grandmothers are fairly arrogant custodians of traditional culinary knowledge, insisters of vegetable content, and do not take kindly to resaturant food. They also make that annoying mouth-clicking sound when they are pissed off. To avoid all this drama, just make the damn soup at home.

Here’s the recipe for my grandmom’s Goan-style chicken and vegetable soup that for some reason involves alphabet pasta.

Here’s What You Need:

A cup of diced potatoes
A cup of diced carrots
A cup of diced cauliflower
One finely chopped onion
Three cloves of finely chopped garlic
A cup of minced chicken
One Maggi chicken stock cube
Alphabet pasta (or crushed Maggi noodles, if you can’t find this pasta)

What You Need to Do With It:

Heat some oil in a pan or pot.
Throw in your onions and caramelise them over a medium flame.
Now add your chicken and sauté until the chicken goes from pink to white.
Throw in some garlic, sweet corn, and vegetables, and give it a stir.
Add a litre of water to the pot and throw in the stock cube. Let the whole thing come to a boil.
Lastly, add the pasta or noodles and simmer until it’s cooked. Transfer to serving bowls and hit each bowl with a knob of butter. Serve with kadak or brun pav for a full meal.

And yeah, leave that jacket home. This soup’ll keep you warm.