My Life as a Juvenile Graffiti Vandal

First Person

My Life as a Juvenile Graffiti Vandal

Illustration: Akshita Monga


aba Siddiqui, the Congress MLA from Bandra, regarded my two friends and me with an unreadable expression from the couch of his lavish living room in a sprawling apartment. The year was 2007, and teenaged stupidity had brought Jonathan, Shrey, and me to the house of an influential local politician to face the music. We used to be called “the J-Boyz”, and vandalising private property was to us what routinely redefining the definition of bad taste is to Rakhi Sawant.

That is, until we were recorded tagging Siddiqui’s ministerial Ambassador with our spray-paint cans by his own security cameras. The J-Boyz’ days of merry – and fairly high-profile – mischief were numbered.