What the Tinder Maze Gets Right About Adulting


What the Tinder Maze Gets Right About Adulting

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


s a 21-year-old who has finished college and just stepped out in the real world, you have the unfortunate luxury of being flooded with choices. It can be very easy to overwrite the infinite pleasures of staying in the moment with a hundred different daily expectations that meet us. There’s the crushing pressure of watching peers land fabulous jobs that allow them the luxury of summer romances that turn into settled lives, while we’re still trying to balance our jobs and our desire to #wanderlust like no one’s watching.

Even worse, are the expectations nestled in the eyes of every Indian parent, who seem to remember only one advice when they bump into anyone in their 20s: “Beta, settle down”. Sure, aunty, soon as I learn not to snooze my alarm 15 times in the morning.