The Art of Finding the Perfect Offer: A Professional Guide to Discovering Ideal Online Discounts


The Art of Finding the Perfect Offer: A Professional Guide to Discovering Ideal Online Discounts

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

“Buy Now! 50% Off!”

Everyone loves a good discount. No matter how loaded you are, there’s a cheap thrill in the knowledge that you paid half of what it would have cost you otherwise.

In the physical world, one has to earn discounts at the sabziwala by creative bargaining tactics like, “Bhaiyya itna thodi hota hai! Chalo na aapka na mera…” At the local store, where there are display boards that “Price is final,” one has to be more subtle by saying, “Dekho bhaiyya, paanch dress lene hai to kitna lagaoge bol do.” At large stores and malls, discounts are seasonal like Bhai’s yearly Eid release. They are usually characterised by an “end of season sale” banner, where companies get rid of stuff no one wants to buy otherwise, at discounted rates. 

In the online world, there is a science and an art to mining discounts from an infinite collection of websites and apps. Whether it is buying a 4K TV or ordering biryani from the restaurant around the corner, if you play your cards right, you can get a discount on anything. Forget going to a particular store or standing in a queue, the great thing about online offers is that one doesn’t even have to get up from bed to extract the best out of online shopping

Mastering the art of finding the perfect offer is never easy – but it is worthwhile.

It can take ages to compare prices from different shops in the physical world, but online, one has to just shuffle through a host of apps and websites. There are all-in-one apps like YONO SBI out there that provide all kinds of shopping, eatery and lifestyle discounts under one roof. One doesn’t even have to download a host of apps and worry about phone memory or storage space. From the comfort of your sofa, you can use one app to find all sorts of discounts and deals. 

To master the ability of finding the perfect online offer, one has to be constantly plugged in. New apps offer discounts for months during their initial period of service, and entire websites are dedicated to only providing coupon codes for popular eatery franchises and shopping websites. People are constantly passing around links on WhatsApp groups with their referral codes so both the sender and receiver can benefit from the offer. 

You must be updated with when the next mega sale is on, what products have the best discounts, and what time they will be available. Online sales are like masala flicks: There’s a new one out every three weeks. Popular products vanish during sales faster than politicians post elections. Like yoga and chai breaks, you must allocate separate time so you don’t miss the bus and can book the product in those three seconds before it goes “out of stock”. 

After the perfect product and website combination has been identified, coupon codes have been applied, it is time to shuffle through payment options to find out how you can extract a bit more discount. Using a particular wallet or a credit card from a specific bank could result in handy cashback or an additional ten per cent discount. Apps like YONO SBI come with both shopping and banking features. If you don’t have that card, there’s no shame in calling friends or neighbours and asking for favours, especially when the amount can be substantial in the case of a flagship phone or a television set. 

Mastering the art of finding the perfect offer is never easy – but it is worthwhile. The science includes going through a lot of websites, apps and codes, whereas the artistic aspect includes applying the right discount codes and selecting the appropriate modes of payment in order to juice out the maximum discount.

Unlike the physical world, the online world is in a perpetual “sale” mode. All you need is an eye and a bit of experience to make the most of it.