Why Stormfront From “The Boys” Is the Most Evil Superhero Ever


Why Stormfront From “The Boys” Is the Most Evil Superhero Ever

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

The Boys released on Amazon Prime Video earlier this month, with another season of exploring what could possibly go wrong when superheroes are more popular celebrities, more powerful than politicians and more revered than Gods.

The first season gave audiences a face to hate, in the form of Homelander, a “Supe” with some of the most questionable ethics we’ve seen on TV. And still, somehow, in the second installment, they’ve managed to produce something worse.

Stormfront debuted as the newest member of “The Seven” this season — a social media darling, who on the face of it, is outspoken, idealistic, and categorically “Gen Z”. But over the first few episodes, she turns out to be more like the monster under your bed your parents warned you about when you wouldn’t eat dinner.

As the “Supes” are finally taken to task for all the war-crimes committed in the first series, Stormfront, and her team of meme-makers, have come in to remind us that The Boys is a critique of a generation hooked on to social media — one that is influenced by jingoism, and always willing to follow the leader. But that’s just one indicator that Stormfront is actually one of the most evil superheroes to have ever been written. Here are six more:

She’s Manipulative 

Memes speak louder than words — at least in a Universe where superheroes can do no wrong, and popularity ratings are currency. Stormfront capitalises on this really well. With her power to sway mass opinion, and use social media to push an agenda, there really isn’t telling how far she’ll have to go, before her fans realise she’s a monster. This enables her to get away with almost anything — which, in this case, is not ideal, because…

She’s Racist

The comics describe Stormfront as a former Nazi general who never died during the war. But the show hasn’t gotten that far into Stormfront’s backstory just yet. All we know for now is that, far from her social media persona, Stormfront is actually racist. This hate for people of colour comes through several times in the show’s first five episodes, in scenes that audiences are bound to find shocking. In fact, Stormfront’s behaviour is so questionable that…

She Even Intimidates Homelander

Anyone who’s seen the first season of The Boys will know Homelander is not one to be messed with. He kills innocents with no remorse, manipulates superheroes into doing what he wants, and has kidnapped the wife of the show’s protagonist, Billy Butcher. Still somehow, Stormfront has emerged as the one person who can creep even the most evil man on TV out. Plus she has no regard for authority whatsoever, essentially making her Homelander’s most likely nemesis (or, God forbid, ally?).

No one knows what Stormfront’s true agenda is because no one really knows anything about her.

She’s Not on Anyone’s Side

The reason we can’t tell whether she’s a friend or an enemy is because Stormfront appears to have no allegiances, except to her doting followers. She rejects all appeals for friendship from Starlight, “The Seven’s” previous social media darling, who actually believes in all the values Stormfront stands for. But, at the same time, she also seems to reject Homelander and Vought’s authority, insisting that men have had their way for too long. After five episodes, it’s pretty clear that Stormfront isn’t really on anyone’s side. Which, really, just ensures that…

She’s (Virtually) Undefeatable

In the comics, Stormfront is described as the second-most powerful superhero in the Universe, only behind Homelander. And, in the show, too, she displays powers that would put other members of “The Seven” to shame. While some, such as “Deep”, have already proven to be quite useless (all he does is talk to fish), Stormfront has the ability to shoot plasma fields from her palms, destroying anything in sight. And then there’s also the minor point that… Well, let’s just say she doesn’t break easy.

She Has Secrets

None of the superheroes in “The Seven”, barring maybe Starlight, are particularly “good”. Still, they aren’t exactly worried about being exposed as evil either. Each one of them reveals their hand too early in the series, which often comes back to bite them, either through a drop in “popularity ratings” or in the form of Billy Butcher’s “Boys”.

But Stormfront is a little different. No one knows what her true agenda is because no one really knows anything about her. The five episodes so far point that she’s hiding a secret that may, by the end of the series, make her the least-liked character on TV today.

Clearly, The Boys has proved this season that no matter how bad things seem, there’s always someone or something worse standing on the sidelines. Catch up with the series on Amazon Prime Video, and it’ll soon become apparent that not all those who wear capes are heroes.