Staying on the Road, at Home!


Staying on the Road, at Home!

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

Every year, as rain clouds roll in over the Arabian Sea, many Mumbaikars begin planning their annual tradition of long monsoon drives. This year however, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a lockdown across the country, and conditions are far from ideal for a road trip, or even a leisurely drive across the city. But while you may be unable to hit the road, magazines like Safety Fast are bringing the joy of automobiles to you.

Safety Fast takes its name from the slogan of MG Car Company, the forerunner of today’s MG and a household name among British automobile manufacturers. For 60 years, Safety Fast has been the official publication of MG Car Club, and now, in 2020, it makes its arrival in India. And the world of MG chronicled in its pages is not only for the owners of MG vehicles, but automobile enthusiasts in general. With features on one-of-a-kind vintage vehicles, throwbacks to 90 years of British motoring history, and an inside look at the adventures and experiences of the members of the MG Car Club, Safety Fast has something for everyone who loves cars.

The MG Car Club, of which Safety Fast remains the official publication, was founded in 1930 in England on a foundation laid by MG car owners who did not view their vehicles merely as utilities, but objects of recreation. Shortly after the club’s foundation, the first rallies were organised. Over the years, MG Car Club split from the manufacturer in 1969 to become an independent entity, and is now one of the oldest car clubs in the world. But the spirit of community remains strong as ever.

The same spirit of community can be seen in the modern era, as the first Indian issue of Safety Fast documents the epic Experience Drives organised by MG India. The Experience Drives are, in essence, five unforgettable adventures that remind the readers of Safety Fast that when this pandemic blows over, the great outdoors will still be out there, waiting for you to explore them once again.

MG car owners do not view their vehicles merely as utilities, but objects of recreation.

Such community-oriented experiences form a crucial part of the MG India experience. Connecting car owners and the public with each other and the brand is the goal of MG India’s many outreach activities. Safety Fast even covers how MG India’s approach to corporate social responsibility is focused on community outreach, covering the company’s contribution to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic at a grassroots level. In addition to this, activities like the Experience Drives and other initiatives to bring automobile enthusiasts together and build a fellowship find a place in the pages of Safety Fast.

The Experience Drives are also spiritual successors to such British adventures like the Abingdon Trail. In fact, the entire magazine is steeped in British history, providing a glimpse through the decades at MG’s 90-year-old heritage. It has the inadvertent effect of making today’s car enthusiasts thankful for all the resources available to them in the 21st century, including online access to Safety Fast, by showcasing a time when car lovers only had their vehicles and fellow club members to share their passion with.

Today, gearheads have the option of sitting at home and still discovering stories like Safety Fast’s feature on Lal Pari, a vintage MG YT that has been the pride and joy of its owner since 1979. It will transport you to a bygone era of stylish design and bold automobiles, while also serving as a reminder that the bond between a car and its owner is one that stands the test of time, if it is tempered with love. Safety Fast is a tribute to that love, immersing readers in the world of MG – a historic brand in itself, having been in the automobile industry for over 90 years. Now, as a digital publication, Safety Fast has arrived in India to take its storied legacy forward. Download It Here